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Live a Value -Driven & Fabulous Life With Intuitive Eating

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. I am Erica Leon, a registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist. One of my greatest pleasures is helping people learn to make peace with food and their body image.

At Erica Leon Nutrition, we recognize that one-on-one counseling isn't for everyone nor for every situation. The sad reality is that all the diets in the world will not "fix" you or your life. Learning new skills that connect your mind and body will help you recognize your natural sense of hunger and fullness, and find satisfaction with foods. Rigid diet rules are doomed to fail every time. And then YOU blame YOURSELF for this failure. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! It is the fault of the diet!

We offer a variety of free and low cost introductory programs for Intuitive Eating and Eating Disorder recovery. You can see all the programs below. Click on each for a more detailed description.

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